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Michael Griffin

Game Designer



Antivirus was a first person shooter with randomly generated levels. I worked as both a lead programmer and a weapon/combat designer during the project.



Obliterator is a project I worked on in my VR class. The intent of the project was to make something that could serve as a prototype for a collab class.



Invasion was a level I made in my second level design class. Main goals were to have a stealth section and a puzzle section.

Station Defense

Station Defense was the second project I pitched in my Prototype course. The idea was to remake the multiplayer mode, Precinct Assault, from Future Cop LAPD.



Betrayal was a level I designed in my level design class. Was thinking of how to recreate a scene from a book I had read.

Noxis Plague

The Noxis Plague was a Game Design Document that got me into systems design.

Adventure Bay

Adventure Bay was a project that I pitched that was picked up as a collaborate effort between AAU and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

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