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Antivirus was a project I worked on at Black Tesseract. It was a Tron themed procedurally generated FPS where the player took on the role of a program fighting their way through a horde of deadly viruses.

The project was a small team of 10 people. Due to the small size, the team was very aware of what everyone was doing, SCRUMs were held twice weekly and everyone in the team was wearing many hats as far as roles.

My Role:

I was technically labeled as the Lead Designer, but as I stated, I ended up wearing many different hats during the semester. Not only did I program and script multiple systems(such as player interactions and multiple different Enemy behaviors) but I also designed enemies, weapons and even designed the concept of the final boss.



The pistol was not present in the original concept Ibrahim gave us. I quickly realized we needed some kind of base weapon to at least keep the player going if they ran out of ammo for everything else.

Boss Concept

The current final level of Antivirus, Blaster is a central cylinder in the center of a circle room. It had 16 lasers mounted on it in total. As it spins, it fires in patterns to make the player jump off the ground and onto the platforms, or down to the floor, to avoid them. In stage two, the platforms start to spin around Blaster in the opposite direction, and raising and lowering in height as they move. The turrets would also change location, and sometimes be either on the central turret, or on the wall. In Stage three, the floor drops out, leaving the player to have to focus on both navigating the platforms and shooting the remaining weak points lest they fall to their death.


When concepting this Boss, I mainly looked at my experiences with other final bosses throughout my years playing video games. Many of them had multiple stages(Sigma, Megaman X series. Hush, Binding of Isaac) and platforms (Warhead, Vectorman), while others more fresh in my mind were really punishing (Armstrong, Metal Gear Rising.)


Hive was an enemy I built, as a small, high health turret spawner. It would spawn up to three kinds of turrets that would be determined by what level the player was on at the time. Unfortunately, I ended up having to scrap two of the turrets and just kept it with the one(pictured right). The hive would spawn turrets by opening up like a crane game claw, then after the turret appeared, would close back up and start building the next one. Pretty sure this idea came from the agitated feeling you get when playing a crane game, pulling up nothing and the claw still moves to drop something down the prize slot.

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