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In Obliterator, the player took control of an Obliterator, a corrupt Chaos Space Marine whose body could merge, and produce weapons and ammo. The idea was that the players left hand would be a Lightning Claw with a flamethrower mounted in the palm, while the right hand would be the gun carrying arm.


I also got the chance to see how I could build an intractable UI within VR. I wanted to avoid throwing it into the players face, and chose to instead mount it onto the left wrist of the player and have the player actually have to press buttons with their right hand.


Using a similar function, I also managed to create palm activated switches, that could be used to trigger events. Used a simple door as an example, but in truth, I set it up so it could be used for a multitude of tasks.


For the school's Pitch Night, My teammate and I put togeather a small video of what systems we had up and functional at the time, along with a clip explaining the reason we needed the models to have separately skinned parts.

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