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Station Defense

Station Defense was a game made in during my prototype production class. The team consisted of myself along with four other students, 2 artists, 1 level/UI designer, 1 audio composer and myself as system programmer. The assignment was to create a game in Unity within 5 weeks, and my idea was to recreate the multiplayer game mode from Future Cop LAPD on the PS1. Within the five weeks, we managed to create a rather fun death match map with claimable turrets, with a few cuts due to time restraints.


My Role

My role in this project was Programmer, but I was also project lead at the same time. I challenged myself to code as many of the mechanics as I could within the few weeks we had. It was actually a lot of fun to do as I racking my brain to try and figure out how things were accomplished managed to keep me really immersed in the project. It also helped that I discovered during the pitch that the game was actually worked on by my professor. Later after the project was done, I came back to it to polish up a few things, mainly the tanks.


My main goal was figuring out a way for the tanks to somewhat control their own path. At first I had them spawning with predetermined paths, but that feel like a bad idea. So what I did was set one starting point (depending on team) and after that the nodes themselves would guide the tanks onwards.

Once that was fixed, the tanks did everything they could do in the original game, they could attack enemies, claim neutral turrets and path to the enemy base.


Tank testing map with visible path nodes.

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