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About this project:

This project was one of my level design 2 assignments. The concept was having a level with a trap and a “hurry up” segment. At the time, I was reading the Horus Heresy series(Which this classes teacher got me started on) and was on book 4 The Flight of the Eisenstein and really wanted to do something tying into an event in the book, the virus bombing of Isstvan III. Said event was the tipping point where the Warmaster Horus fully turned on the Imperium, purging his forces of those whose loyalties were in question, and sparking the galactic civil war that would come to be known as The Horus Heresy.


I wanted to make a rough outline of a level, hooking together In Game Cutscenes in between segments of the level.

Starting with the drop pod landing, and fighting to get through to the bunker. As the player enters the bunker, they are able to witness a massive titan land outside, and begin its assault on the enemy city. The impact of the landing manages to short circuit the door, unlocking it. As the player continues through the level, they would feel like the landing had also compromised the structure of the building, causing the floor to collapse. If the player fails to make it across in time, they fall through the floor, and are stunned momentarily, letting the enemies inside to bunker open fire on them. If they made it across however, they would be able to get the drop on the enemy as they were distracted by the falling floor. After clearing out that room, the player and their squad move on over a bridge, from there they can see other squads moving through the lower levels and the titan as it moves through the city, its guns going silent.

As the players capture their final objective, they overhear other squads radioing in that they can’t contact their commanders in space, wondering if the enemy had some kind of jamming signal. A sudden blast knocks down a wall, a panicked transmission ordering the player to get to the nearest bunker. As the player runs towards the bunker, their squad mates are killed one by one. Just as they would get to the bunker, a rocket would fly out from behind them and blow up the door, leading to the player characters death.

Timeline 1stPass.jpg

Level Timeline

Betrayal levelmap 1stpass.jpg

Level Map


"Hurry Up"


Video Walkthrough

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